Martha's Vineyard

88% love it
Crowded little gem
This venue has drag shows, unisex restrooms, happy hours, and friendly patrons and staff.


    • tweatherford
      tweatherford Over a year ago

      Eh, but better than the other places
      Horrible sound system in dance area. Huge dance floor. Confusing entry and "lobby" area. Outdoor patio/smoking area. Lounge area - ok. Restrooms - sad. Irritating 18 year olds acting like 12 yo. Staff seemed nice and quick to serving. Place has a ton of potential, just needs some adjustments and a sound system that's not all bass.

    • Marious2
      Marious2 Over a year ago

      Martha's Vineyard
      My partner and I visited Martha's Vineyard recently on a week stay in Springfield. It is easy to get to lots of parking.The crowed was light and very mixed str8's gay , but very young .Was a collage university crowd (we were the oldest peps in the place).the dj was great and staff were very friendly .

    • Loved it I will definitely be back LOVE the Dj

    • aes92975
      aes92975 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      this place was horrible. what is up with only two single use bathrooms. If you like music from the 90's, young gays with no direction in life then go here. The bartenders were horrible and very very slow.

    • flashgordon
      flashgordon Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun times
      Springfield is a fun little city. Martha's is the mainstay of the gay bars in the area. It's right downtown and easy to get to. Park on the street or across the way. The bar has 2 rooms and an outside area. It's mostly a younger crowd with boys looking to hookup around 12:30. There are a lot of str8 girls at this bar. It is also a smoking bar. The worst part about the bar is the layout. There's a bizzare stage that kind of wraps around the back wall of what is a makeshift dance floor. When the drag show is on everything comes to a halt. The show is, well, usually a train wreck; but so are most of the shows in the midwest, so one takes it with a grain of salt. The best part is the outside area. It's spacious and gets us out of the smoke and music. Bartenders are nice and the drinks tend to be fairly strong. Bathrooms are a mess every time. If you can find one that locks, more power to ya. Also, all alchol is stopped at 1:30 in Springfield. On more than one occasion I have ordered a drink at 1 and then had it ripped from my had at 1:15 as the bartenders yell (not for volume, but quite rudely) for us to get out. It's not a nice way to end the night. Crowd is friendly though and I see hookups there all the time.

    • Not so hot
      I live in Springfield. I've been there several times. Martha's has a very bad vibe. Personally, I think it's really trashy. But that's just my opinion.

    • moguy75
      moguy75 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Enjoy going here every time I'm in Springfield.